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As a covered entity, you are required to undergo numerous audits whether it is HRSA, a manufacturer, or a third-party. The MediraRx consulting team will work with you to conduct a thorough review of your system and find the right solution to meet your organization’s specific needs.  And, MediraRx will help you with the audits. Our Audit team will provide you with the assistance you need to prepare for and maintain a compliant 340B program. Our Account Managers will make recommendations that ensure you are either meeting or exceeding compliance goals with the 340B program. 

What you can expect from the MediraRx 340B Consultants

  • A complete 340B solution that ensures administration and compliance with covered entities
  • Annual 340B Audit support
  • A robust reporting solution that keeps you informed about your 340B performance. It can help you proactively manage your program and help with decision-making.
  • An inventory management system to eliminate the need for a separate 340B inventory
  • An automated contract pharmacy program with less manual intervention to meet your needs
  • An ability to conduct a comprehensive self-audit to streamline workflow
  • 340B policies that are customized for your specific needs
  • State-of-the-art technology that exceeds industry standards

MediraRx will customize the solution you need that is specific to your organization’s needs.

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