340B Third Party Administrator (TPA)

The MediraRx 340B team understands the importance of a successful 340B program. Our team is composed of experienced professionals who are able to design the most accessible, flexible, and innovative solution so you don’t have to wait to maximize your program.

Our third party administration perspective allows us to be a partner in managing your 340B program. Our focus is on you and our goal is to maximize your 340B program, while ensuring that you are in compliance.

We seamlessly integrate with contract pharmacy partners and collaborate with them to ensure that your 340B program is a success. The MediraRx dedicated client representatives are able to answer any questions your contract pharmacy partners may have.

The MediraRx Third Party Administrative Program offers you:

You also receive the following services with your Third Party Administrative Program:

The MediraRx 340B team makes certain that your savings are maximized and works with 340B wholesalers to ensure that you receive the 340B contracted cost on your purchases. We constantly review pharmacy programs, reconcile transaction tracking, and quickly resolve issues before they become a concern. We conduct comprehensive audits and randomly check 340B eligible transactions for accuracy. Because we are knowledgeable about the process, we prepare you for your independent and HRSA Audits by providing you with the necessary data to be delivered.

As your third party administrator, the MediraRx 340B team will work with you to implement key parts of the program. We will structure policies and set up procedures that you can follow. We will integrate with drug wholesalers, remain compliant with national drug code (NDC) mapping as well as track and reconcile to support audits.

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